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Death is imminent due to the body’s aging but with an advance in technology and medical science, man has been able to slow down aging, which while not as good as a reversal, is still better. Aging cannot be stopped, but it can certainly be slowed down and a human can live up to nearly 90 years because advancement in medical science has enabled man to fight diseases.

A supplemnt, known as GenF20plus, a marvel of medical science, is now available and has shown remarkable results, so far as slowing down the aging process is concerned. Let us examine the pros and cons of this supplement in depth so that you are able to decide whether it is beneficial or not.

About GenF20Plus – What is it?

Aging is a process that manifests itself in different forms. When you feel more tired than usual, your skin starts having spots, commonly known as age spots, and there are wrinkles or just fine lines on your face and other parts of the body, you know that it is age catching up with you. It is at times this these when you need a supplement to counteract the symptoms. GenF20plus is such a supplement specially designed to slow down aging.

While those mentioned above are the physical manifestations of aging, some other common symptoms that are not visible are –
– a decrease in mental capacity
– memory loss among others
These are some of the common problems among women.

A supplement becomes important for such women so that they can carry on with their lives without much trouble.

GenF20Plus is available in the form of oral spray and tablets. The primary difference between them is in the inclusion of an ingredient called Alpha GPC. This ingredient enhances the effects of hormones that the pituitary gland produces. It boosts performance levels of workout and reduces liver fat.

When you order GenF20Plus, you get an oral spray and tablets. Both of these are to be used daily. While many users can see the result in about 12 weeks, quite a number of the users have reported having visibly great results in as less as two weeks.

It is not a synthetic growth hormone, which means that it is safe to you. It has an impressive ingredient list that helps you look and stay younger. And, it is totally different from the synthetic hormones that athletes inject into their body for stamina. The synthetic version is totally unsafe and dangerous. They are not healthy.

What Is HGH And How Does It Work?

HGH is human growth hormone that is secreted by the pituitary gland. This hormone helps in growth and healing by improving cell regeneration and reproduction. In short, if the levels of HGH in your body is high, you will feel and look stronger and younger. However, as we grow older, the HGH levels in our body decrease. In fact, studies have shown that HGH levels decrease by nearly 25% every decade. If you calculate, you will realize that by the time you hit your 60s, your capacity for functioning goes down to 25% and you start losing your mental faculties.

In addition, one of the most respected medical schools in the world, Harvard Medical School has found that – HGH promotes muscle mass and reduces fat levels in the body.

Another independent study says that – skin thinning as the body ages can be decreased with enhanced levels of HGH.

So, the conclusion is that if the levels of HGH in your body can be maintained or restored, you would not lose your youth. You would look and feel younger, stronger and more in charge of your mental faculties.

Ingredient List

This product has been known to work well by providing the body with nutrients needed for increase in HGH production. Increased HGH means increase in muscle mass, reduction in fat stored in the body, improved immunity, reduced wrinkles and fine lines and others. The supplement uses the following ingredients to be effective –

1. L-arginine – This ingredient increases HGH three times.
2. L-glutamine – It helps maintain muscle health and in cell division and growth.
3. L-lysine – This improves immunity and promotes general health.
4. L- glycine – It stimulates the pituitary gland that is responsible for the release of HGH in the body.
5. L-tyrosine – This combats tiredness and depression.
6. Deer Antler Velvet – This has elements such as chondroitin, glucosamine, and collagen that help combat aging and helps the body retain its youth.
7. Astragalus Root Extract – It helps to improve digestion and also metabolism.
8. GTF Chromium – This is necessary for ensuring that the glucose found in the blood reaches the cells.
9. Gamma-aminobutyric acid – This helps in nerve conduction.
10. L-ornithine – The power of this ingredient is almost twice as that of arginine, which increases HGH levels by three times. And, when it works in combination with arginine, lysine, and glutamine, the effect of this ingredient is miraculous.
11. Phosphatidyl Choline – This helps the body in absorbing the ingredients of the supplement.
12. L-valine – This helps boost metabolism by stimulating amino acids.
13. Pituitary Powder – This also helps the pituitary gland in producing more HGH.
14. Colostrums – This improves the immune system, enhances lean muscle and increases bone density.

Pros of GenF20Plus

No one wants to age. GenF20plus is a supplement that helps slow down aging. While aging is a compulsory process of the body, regular intake of a supplement with the kind of ingredients listed above can help the body slow down aging, though not completely reverse it. Here are some of the pros of the supplement GenF20Plus –

• It gives a boost to the immune system.
• It enhances metabolism thereby helping the body burn stored fat. As a result, there is an increase in lean muscle mass.
• It helps in improving the quality of sleep.
• It helps in losing weight.
• It helps fight symptoms of aging.
• It improves physical stamina.
• It is also known to increase libido.

Cons of GenF20Plus

GenF20plus is quite safe to use and the side effects are rare and few. However, for the knowledge of the user, here are the side effects of the supplement –

• Not for use of children
• Excessive sweating
• Diarrhea
• Stomach upset
• Skin irritation
• Increase in blood pressure

Apart from these, most users have found that the supplement starts working only after two to three months of use. So, you need to be consistent in your usage of this anti-aging supplement to see positive results.

There are no known side effects of using GenF20Plus along with other drugs. However, to be safe, it is better to consult your doctor if you are on medication and then start using the supplement.

Do I need GenF20Plus?

How do you know if you need to start with an HGH supplement? You may need it or you may not! People get stuck when trying to decide whether the product is good or not; whether they should start with a supplement or not. In this case, there is one thing that you should do. Start writing down what you are feeling physically and mentally. For example, you may have been feeling tired more than usual, or your nails and hair may have started looking dull and lifeless and much more.

These are the areas with which you need help. These are things that using supplements can take care of.

Remember that the HGH levels in your body start decreasing when you reach the late 20s and it will decrease further with age. So, even if you feel that the fatigue you are experiencing is just due to excess working, start with a supplement because it will help restore energy. You don’t have to be old and wrinkled before you take any action to feel good. You can start now. Start with a supplement like GenF20Plus that is a healthier alternative to synthetic supplements and prescription drugs that you will need when you fall sick. Prevent sickness when you can. And if you are already unwell or feel old, then start taking the supplement to restore good health.

How Is GenF20Plus to be Used?

Before learning about the dosage, it is necessary to know about the supplement. There are two forms of the supplement – capsules and a regular spray that helps kick-start the production of HGH.

The capsule is to be taken four times a day – two tablets an hour before lunch and two tablets an hour before dinner.

Why is GenF20Plus Unique?

There are quite a few supplements available in the market but what makes GenF20plus unique is the fact that it increases HGH levels in the body by almost three times. HGH is a growth hormone that is necessary to the body for maintaining youth. The supplement is formulated for raising the levels of HGH.

Another fact that makes it unique is that it is endorsed by doctors, which is unusual for any form of supplement.

Manufacturer Guarantee

This is an over the counter supplement that guarantees safety and is risk-free. The supplement is cGMP compliant and follows all quality standards that pharmaceutical companies must abide by. It has a purity certificate that is available with the manufacturer and can be procured upon request. The manufacturer also offers a 67 days risk-free trial.

Where can you buy GenF20plus?

The product is available for purchase from the manufacturer through their website. You can buy a month’s supplement or a supply for six months.

User Reviews

Users of GenF20Plus have found the supplement very helpful in slowing down aging and helping them in everyday life. Here are some reviews where users have shared their experience after they have started using GenF20Plus:

“GenF20Plus is the Best Supplement That I have Ever Used”
I am Jenna and I want to share my experience with you. I started using GenF20Plus nearly one month ago. Before I share the effect of this supplement, I would like to tell about my medical problems. I have a severe sinus problem and I take medication for it. It has been nearly 8 years and I cannot miss my medication. However, since I started using GenF20Plus, I have not needed to take any medication for sinus. It has miraculously helped me with my sinus problem. I feel healthier now.

Gerald Gomes,

My Sex life has Improved”
I have been suffering from various psychological issues because of which I have been seeing a psychiatrist. I started medication for my problems 4 years ago. Why the psychological problems have improved, my sex life ended. I started using GenF20Plus for my health and energy two months ago. I was pleasantly surprised when I got my libido back. GenF20Plus brought me back from the brink of divorce. Thankyou GenF20plus. I would recommend this product to all my friends.

David Denonna

“I feel more energetic”
The past year has not been good me healthwise. When I started taking GenF20plus for improvement of health, my nails, skin, and hair have also improved. I feel more energetic.

Sylvia Conwell
New York

“My Mood Is Better and I Don’t Feel Insomniac Anymore”
I have been having hormonal changes due to menopause and this had resulted in mood swings and insomnia. GenF20Plus has changed my life for the better. I can sleep better at night and my mood has vastly improved.

Gemma Colson
New Jersey

“I Feel And Look Younger”
Aging had decreased my sex drive and I used to feel tired all the times. Using GenF20Plus has substantially increased my sex drive. I feel more energetic and look younger.

James Brown


For any product to be effective, it is necessary to use it consistently and as recommended by the doctor/manufacturer. Also, there is one more thing that all users have to remember. Any supplement works well and effectively when combined with regular exercise. It is not that without the exercise, it won’t work but the results will be slower. To prove this point, a study was conducted between two group of ‘active’ and ‘sedentary’ people. The ‘active’ group showed faster results.

So, Does GenF20plus really work? Yes, it does if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Studies have also proved that the longer the supplement is taken, the better the results.

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