3 Natural Nutrients to Enhance HGH Production

3 Natural Nutrients to Enhance HGH Production

That chocolate-topped donut looks mouthwatering but, unfortunately, it is not a source of HGH. Yes, there are foods that are sources of HGH, meaning that they work to increase HGH levels in your body.

As you age, the production of growth hormone in your body decreases. You can increase it by taking supplements and injections too but some foods containing specific amino acids also assist in enhancing HGH levels. Here are 3 such amino acids found in food, which when included in your daily diet, will increase the HGH production in your body:

  • Arginine Containing Food Items

Arginine has numerous benefits, one of which is increasing the quantity of HGH produced by the body. It blocks somatostropin, a hormone produced by the body, known for reducing the HGH levels. Arginine is essentially an amino acid absorbed by the blood to produce the desired results.

There are numerous other benefits of arginine. They include fat burning, muscle construction and immunity.

Sources of Arginine – You can get your daily dosage of arginine from numerous commonly available food items like poultry, red meat, fish and dairy products.

  • Lysine Loaded Food Items

Just like arginine, lysine is also an amino acid that affects the HGH production in your body and improves the quantity of the released HGH. Studies have shown that lysine works well only when combined with arginine. You will need to keep this factor in mind and balance your food intake accordingly.

Sources of Lysine – Common sources of lysine are red meat, poultry, fish, cheese, soy products and beans.

  • Food Items Containing Tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid, converted by the body to serotonin that produces HGH when you sleep. It is also an essential hormone for development of babies and can be fed to them through their diet.

Sources of Tryptophan – The most common food items containing ample amounts of tryptophan are cheese, milk, chicken, eggs, fish, pumpkin, seeds, peanuts, tofu and turkey.

Growth Hormones Found In Environment and Foods

As HGH has been found in manure, and therefore, the soil, the plants and vegetables that you eat also contain HGH.

Cow manure is known to have traces of growth hormone. When this manure goes into the soil, it affects soil productivity.

There is, however, one benefit of using growth hormones. They are environment friendly as they reduce greenhouse gases being emitted.

Get your daily dosage of HGH from numerous food sources in addition to the supplements that you use. They are natural and good for health.

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