4 Ways to Increase Your HGH

4 Ways to Increase Your HGH

Even the strongest bodybuilder can be brought to his knees by the tiny pituitary gland that produces HGH. Despite its tiny size, this gland secretes one of the most important hormones in the body that is responsible for the proper working of many body functions. Without this hormone, all the exercises in the world will not help you gain a good physique, nor will any facial or face massage keep your skin youthful, among several other things.

Your body produces the maximum HGH from your birth until you’re in your 20s. As you enter your 30s, the production of HGH decreases and you need to work hard to enhance the levels of HGH in the body in order to hold onto your youth. Given below are the four ways you can accelerate the HGH production in your body:

  • Exercise – A good exercise regimen is essential, as it not only helps in creating a perfectly sculpted body but in also enhancing the levels of HGH. Intensive workouts promote HGH production. Alternate your workout between resistance training and endurance training.
  • Resistance Training – Resistance training is done very quickly with as few breaks as possible. Increase the frequency of repetitions and decrease the breaks.
  • Endurance Training – Endurance training involves continuing to train even after you cross the lactate barrier so that HGH continues to be released for a few hours after the workout.

Begin training for 40 minutes a day for a month and increase 2 minutes every month so that at the end of 10 months, you can workout for an hour without the setting of catabolic state.

Rest your body on alternate days or do aerobics. The reason why this is recommended is that HGH levels decrease after the intense workout and increase after approximately 17 hours. The initial 24 hours, also known as Catabolic phase is when the intense workout results in release of cortisol and after 24 hours, HGH levels increase and the anabolic phase begins.

Exceeding 45 minutes training, when the catabolic state sets in is not something that is desirable for those seeking to enhance HGH levels.
If you have been up for a long time during the night, then make up for the lack of sleep by napping in the afternoon for an hour but ensure that you do not change your wake up time in the morning.

  • Sleep – Sleep is essential as maximum HGH is produced during the initial hours of sleep also known as REM sleep. You may work for long stretches and make do with cat naps but that will not really help you. You need to sleep continuously for at least 8 hours for HGH to be produced. Remember not to disturb your sleeping patterns. If, due to some circumstances, you are unable to sleep at the set time, ensure that you do not change the time at which you wake up. A routine is essential to promote REM cycles.


5-8 gms

Very important for HGH production


4-7 gms

Work with Arginine and have a good effect when combined together.


5 gms

Preserve Arginine to be used when there is a shortage.


3 gms

Expensive but very useful


3-5 gms

Have Muscle building properties

GABA & lysine


Not to be taken with the other amino acids as they inhibit them.

  • Diet – Although sleep and exercise are very essential, they cannot increase HGH levels sufficiently if the body does not get enough nutrition. A bodybuilder who is seeking to increase HGH levels if his body is not well fed or rested. Given below is a list of nutrients that you should include in your diet.
  • Amino Acids – Your diet should consist of amino acids. But to ensure that these amino acids are effective, you must include approximately 20% of cholesterol inducing fats in your diet. The table give below shows the quantity of each amino acid to be included for pre-workout snack. The quantities given below are for bodybuilders but if your intention is to use them for anti-aging, then you can decrease the quantities.

Snack 45 minutes before a workout for maximum GH production and at bedtime on days when you are not working out.

  • Vitamin C – It is also known as Ascorbic Acid.
  • Vitamin B-3
  • Antioxidants

Including these amino acids and nutrients in your diet will increase the production of HGH by at least 50%. Include plenty of whey protein and desiccated liver in your diet, as they are rich in arginine.

  • HGH Supplements – Although you are resting adequately, getting enough exercise and a good diet, you can start taking HGH supplements too, if you want speedy results. Using HGH supplements promotes growth in the muscle tissue. Supplements are also inexpensive and have no side effects if taken in the recommended doses.

Earlier, HGH could be derived only from cadavers but there was a risk of infection and caused a disease called at Kreutzfeld-Jakob disease that resulted in death.

The supplement is, however, available as Somatotrophin and is now safe to use as it is no longer taken from cadavers but synthesized in labs. The US government, after checking the concentration of the hormone in the supplement, has declared that it can be sold over-the counter, without prescription. The concentration of GH is low enough to be sold over the counter but large enough to enhance HGH levels in the body.

HGH supplement can be taken as a pill, oral spray or as an injection. As injection is expensive alternative and requires a prescription. They also have a risk of overdose more than any other form of HGH product, the pill or sprays are thereby a better option.

HGH is essential for the growth of your muscles, exercising and for healing. But you have to know how to manipulate the release of maximum HGH so as to benefit you.

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