GHR1000 Review #1 sent in by Chris : I’m on it. About a month in a half now. As soon as I started taking it I had more energy than ever. I’m 39 and I’m in pretty good shape. I was starting to get to the point that when I got home at night I needed a cat nap. Not anymore, the stuff is great. I sleep better at night too. I play music and I seem to be more focused than ever and I can retain more things too. I also hurt my back last year and I hardly ever feel the pain anymore.

The only thing I’m not sure about is I’m 6’0, athletic build and I was pushing 198 lbs. Now I’m 203 and I feel thicker. I don’t know if it’s because I like my beers. So last week I stopped drinking and hopefully I get back down to 195. Naturally I should anyway but I don’t necessarliy want to get thicker either. I haven’t started really exercising either. I do have a physical job sometimes. Getting ready to start the workouts.

See if I get ripped : )

Anyway, a little about me and what’s up. I do recommend it so far

GHR1000 Review #2 sent in by Will Graham : Im 62 years old,i got pad,ive had a stroke,half of a lung taken out and was spending 800 dollars amonth on medican..i went to ghr1000.. about a month later i starting feeling like maybe going out and walking..i couldnt walk over 50yards without taking a 10mim break. today i can walk a 2miles without stoping.

i now play golf again with a 3.4 hc and i do not hit from the senior tees..i play from the whites. and to say that im right now having the best sex as if i was 19 doctor ask me what was going blood presure is perfect. my body has change as if i was 40/i love to work out and bye the way..i take 1 aspin a day..i eat what i want..and with the money i was spending on medican..

i got me a chopped hd…dont hurt in pain..if i died in the next 1 i would say that the last year of my life was perfect.. so go ahead with ghr1000 inprove everything about your self ..and i mean everything//good luck.

GHR1000 Review #3 sent in by Paige Scurry : When I first ordered GHR100, I was really skeptical (so only bought one bottle). Now, it has only been 2 weeks but the results are already very noticeable by both me and my wife. I’m looking better, feeling better and my cholesterol and blood pressure have dropped significantly. I just ordered a 4 month supply. I can’t wait to receive the order. I will keep you posted on my continued progress.

GHR1000 Review #4 sent in by Myron Denton : I’m 67 years old with high blood pressure and arthritis. I try to stay active but it is hard. My wife bought me GHR1000 and snuck it in with my other medicines. After I started telling her how good I felt she then told me that I was actually taking GHR1000. I probably wouldn’t have tried this otherwise because I sure have thought this product as a scam, but I must admit that it truly does work. I have noticed everything from more energy and weight loss to an increased interest in sex. I just came from the doctor and my blood pressure was the best it has been in over 2 years…

GHR1000 Review #5 sent in by Pat Steele : I am on ghr1000 since 6 weeks now. I didn’t feel any noticeable improvement in the first week. But, I didn’t lose hope and continued taking it. Now after 6 weeks of taking GHR1000, I have to say it works! I now feel more alive. Also, my muscle tone has significantly improved without any increase in my usual moderate exercise program. So my final words: Go for it!



There is an ongoing debate as to the effectiveness of GHR1000. However, some recent studies (and people reviews) have shown that GHR1000 is effective, offering virtually the same level of benefits one would derive from costly HGH injections.

GHR1000 is 100% natural, and it contains the most effective combination of ingredients vs. any other HGH product. This was concluded through comparisons of other supplements and cross-referencing that information with the known effectiveness of each individual herbal ingredient.

GHR1000 is manufactured in an FDA Certified lab, which is the highest certification that a lab can attain. This promises us that it is safely formulated under the guidance of real health care professionals.

And, with a 100% money-back guarantee (no questions asked) upto 75 days, you can’t go wrong. Can you? So, go visit if you have made up your mind to buy it. But, make sure you buy it from its official site only.

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