Say No to HGH Injections – 2 Alternative Methods for Higher HGH

No one thinks about old age when they are young but as you near 30-35 years of age, you gradually learn to understand the limitations of your aging body. It is natural to fret growing old as you begin to see its repercussions with every passing year.

As a result, many people try to find out ways to hold onto their youth. One such method that has gained huge popularity amongst the masses to combat aging is, to increase your HGH levels. Although doctors do suggest HGH injections as a viable alternative but this, of course, comes with its set of risks of higher dosage. Not to mention, the higher cost involved in taking up HGH injections, which makes it suitable only for the elite.

If you are one of the people who are looking for some pocket-friendly and safer alternatives of increasing HGH in the body, here are a few ways you can try:

  • HGH Supplements

HGH supplements (also known as HGH precursors, boosters and releasers ) are externally introduced natural substances in your system for enhancing HGH secretion from the pituitary glands. These HGH supplements usually contain amino acids like argnine, glutamine, histidine, methaionine, phenylalanine, lysine and ornithine.

Other ingredients in HGH supplements are naturally available minerals, herb extracts, vitamins and other nutrients. These ingredients enhance the functioning of the pituitary gland in your system thus increasing the level of HGH in your body. What you must remember is that the levels of enhancement and production will vary from person to person. Moreover, you need to be patient and regular to see the results.

These HGH supplements are available in the form of creams, sprays or tablets. Creams are for topical usage while tablets and sprays are for oral application. HGH supplements in the spray form usually have trace amounts of synthetic HGH in them.

Some homeopathic HGH supplements are known for using diluted natural HGH as an ingredient.What you must remember is that there are numerous products and manufacturers in the market claiming that their HGH supplement is the best. The effectiveness of all of them is unknown. It is recommended you stick to reputed brands and resort to expert guidance in case you are confused.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Take breaks of at least 30-40 seconds between two sets of exercises for HGH secretion enhancement.

An HGH supplement is usually a combination and an easier method of introducing the necessary nutrients in your body. This is something that you can achieve by following a healthy and wholesome diet.

Look into the possibility of having a diet rich in vitamins, amino acids, proteins, minerals and others. Combining your healthy diet with a regular exercise routine will give you good results. Include cardio vascular exercises, weight training and stretching in your routine.

6-8 hours of continuous sleep is also essential to keep HGH levels high in the body.HGH is secreted in bursts during the first hour of your sleep. Later, it is secreted every few hours as long as you are asleep.

Remember that the levels of HGH secretion by following these steps are not necessarily enhanced equally in all individuals. Make changes in your lifestyle and use HGH supplements and see your HGH levels increase.

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