Increasing HGH Naturally With Diet and Exercise

Increasing HGH Naturally With Diet and Exercise

A good diet and regular exercise routine can boost the HGH levels in the body. As your body ages, the level of HGH decreases, resulting in increase in weight, decrease of muscle mass, weak bones and other problems. But a balanced diet and exercise routine can at least slow down this deterioration to a great extent.

Foods That Affect Your HGH Levels

Although injections and supplements help to increase HGH levels in the body, a healthy low calorie diet and exercise only make the process even more effective. There are a number of foods that help to increase the production of the growth hormone in your body.

Limit your intake of calories to 1000 – 1600 per day to prevent weight gain.

1. Most weight loss experts agree that instead of having heavy meals twice or thrice a day, it is better to have small meals several times a day. Having large meals two or three times increases the level of blood glucose in the body resulting in increase in insulin and consequently fat deposit. The insulin spike reduces level of HGH in blood.

2. Avoid foods like white rice and bread that contain high levels of sugar and high fat content.Increased amount of sugar and fat levels in the blood reduces the production of the human growth hormones.

3. Complex carbohydrates and lean protein should be apart of your diet. Include whole wheat bread, lean chicken and others to enhance HGH levels.

4. Eat lean meat after a strenuous workout to boost the production human growth hormone and other important hormones.

Sleep for at least 6 – 8 hours a day to enhance HGH levels in body.

Exercises That Improve HGH

Your exercise regimen should include strength training thrice a week for 30 minutes and cardios on alternate days for 40 minutes.

Exercise plays a big role in improving HGH levels in the body. Do strength training and cardios. Lifting weights, resistance stretching exercises and body weight exercises help improve bone strength and also build lean muscle. Include cardios like walking swimming and jogging. Increased heart rate helps to burn calories.

Using Synthetic HGH

Human Growth Hormone is important to the body in many ways. HGH deficiency in children can cause stunted growth. In adults, the deficiency occurs because of Pituitary adenoma, a tumor in the pituitary gland. At such times, doctors prescribe HGH injections to boost levels of HGH in the body. You, however, need prescription to purchase them.

Combine the injections with exercises to boost levels of Human Growth Hormone.

HGH supplements, on the other hand, do not need prescription and as these are dietary supplements, you can deem them to be safe as they do not even require the FDA approval to be declared as such.

Instead of risking your health by using unauthorized HGH, build up your bone strength and muscles with strength training. Add a good nutrition to this, and you will have a youthful, lean and strong body.

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