Top 4 Factors That Lead to Aging

Top 4 Factors That Lead to Aging

What comes to your mind when you think of aging? Inefficiency in performing simple tasks or a deteriorated memory function that leads to memory gap? Is it the sagging, ugly skin or a poor sex life? The truth is that no matter whatever concerns you the most about aging, you would never want to lose your youth. The constant search of scientists for a formula that can effectively combat aging is a proof for the same. However, in the quest for finding the most successful answer to stop the human aging process, scientists must first determine the factors that serve as catalysts to this inevitable process. Given below are 4 prime factors that lead to aging:

  • Stress

Stress: One main catalyst of aging is excessive stress. Repetitive disturbances that are inflicted on the human body tend to pile up for a certain period of time, and when these disturbances prove to be too much to take, hormonal imbalance occurs which ultimately leads to damaged cells. What you must know is that the stress hormone which is termed as “cortisol” is not like other helpful hormones in the human body. On the contrary, the cortisol inflicts damage on the hypothalamus which is responsible for regulating good hormones for the body. This induces further stress on the body. The very bad thing about this is that unlike the other good hormones which decrease with age, cortisols increase in number as the human body gets old. This kind of biological trend certainly pulls the human body into an inevitable downward spiral of old age.

  • Extrinsic Factors

Extrinsic Factors: Though cortisol is something that affects the body intrinsically, what you must know is that there are several other extrinsic factors behind aging as well. These external factors generally find their roots from the environment. Cells which are mainly responsible for generating new tissues get damaged whenever they are exposed to various pollutants. These cells also contain vital genetic information that is passed on to new cells that are spawned during cell division. These new cells can be damaged when these are exposed to environmental pollutants such as radiation and chemical contaminants. If these cells are damaged even to a slightest level, the information that they carry get faulty, which leads to cell damage among newly formed, cells. This process repeats itself with every cell division and this ultimately leads to the aging of the human body.

  • Detrimental Toxins

Detrimental Toxins: Another origin of aging is the build up of detrimental toxins in the body. It is important to understand that each cell in the human body takes on a dual role of a “pump” and a “filter”. It acts as a pump by letting in proper nutrition for the cells and behaves like a filter while hindering waste products from entering. This process constantly repeats itself and each cell works round the clock. The Membrane Theory of Aging postulates that over time, these process of filtering bad wastes or toxins becomes less efficient which then leads to aging. Moreover, scientists were able to determine that these toxin build-ups most likely occur in the lungs, heart, and skin which verify the probability of a typical person to experience complications within these areas of the human body.

  • The Free Radical Theory

The Free Radical Theory: One of the most widely-accepted reasons behind the aging process is the Free Radical Theory. This theory basically believes that highly reactive chemicals known as free radicals are the ones responsible for breaking down tissues into a very degenerative state. In mild quantities, these free radicals are quite helpful to the human body. However, free radical in excessive amounts can already inflict damage upon the human body. These free radicals, being extremely reactive, have the capability to extract electrons from other molecules. Often times, free electrons tend to do it constantly that it wears down the cells that are responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of molecules which lost an electron. The perpetual process of extracting and repairing certainly tires out large number of cells which then starts the process of aging.

Scientists and experts who have been able to effectively understand these factors have come up with various measures that can remarkably slow down the process of aging. In the realm of nutrition, experts assert that to delay signs of aging, one must find the discipline in cutting down on the average amount of junk food intake everyday. One must opt to consume healthier food items such as fruits and vegetables plus take in snacks that are high in protein to aid hormone performance. Taking in Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements can also slow down the process of aging.

However, one of the best options in delaying the aging process of the human body is taking Human Growth Hormone supplements. When you take Human Growth Hormone supplements, you do not literally consume actual growth hormones, but rather, what you take in are “precursors” that aid the pituitary gland to produce hormones that are helpful in maintaining the human body in the peak of its performance state.

In particular, the Sytropin HGH supplement uses proteins or amino acids in aiding the pituitary gland. But it was proven that there are three precursors that are more effective compared to other precursors. These precursors are Glutamine, Ornithine, and Arginine which are well-known for their proficiency in producing growth hormones. What you must know is that Sytropin HGH supplement is proven to help you combat almost every sign associated with aging.

It is through such promising supplements that you can still manage to be hopeful to achieve that youthful look all over again. With their capable benefits, it’s no doubt that HGH supplements are truly the wave of the future.

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