4 Natural Alternatives to HGH Supplements

4 Natural Alternatives to HGH Supplements

When the growth hormones or HGH levels decrease in an adult, they cause numerous medical problems. As this hormone is essential for a healthy body, you will to maintain the right levels of HGH. One way to increase HGH is by hormone replacement therapy. But, this is an expensive and risky option. The other option is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow the 4 natural alternatives given below to enhance HGH production:

  • Eat Foods That Have L-Glutamine

This is one of the most basic amino acids that the body needs for increasing the production of HGH. The plasma generation process of L-glutamine is of utmost importance for increased production of HGH. It is available in the form of dietary supplements and occurs naturally in various foods like beef, chicken, fish, dairy products, beets and spinach.

  • Sleep

Sleep happens to be one of the most important ways of increasing the HGH production levels in your body. Don’t try to substitute the need for a long peaceful night’s sleep with short naps during the day. They will not have the same desired effect that a continuous 8-hour sleep will have.

The body produces HGH during the initial hours of sleep and during REM sleep. REM occurs only when you sleep for a long time. This is the reason a continuous stretch of sleep of 6-8 hours can’t be substituted by numerous naps throughout the day.

If you are one of the people who cannot sleep continuously for a long time, then make certain lifestyle changes. Avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks and caffeine before going to sleep as they hinder the HGH production in your body.

  • Exercise

Apart from sleep, this is the second most important way to increase release of HGH. Working out in a dedicated routine has numerous physical advantages apart from HGH production. Devote more time to resistance and endurance training for best results.

Do high intensity cardio vascular exercise for 10 minutes, multiple times a day. Lifting weights is helps in production of HGH in the body but while doing these exercises, make sure that you take adequate rest between two sets of exercise. This will not only promote production of HGH but will also ensure that the muscles and tissues are not damaged.

  • Lose That Stomach Fat

You should complement your exercise routine with the right diet like beans, meat and dairy products for increasing HGH production.

Excess amount of stomach fat also affects HGH production in your body. Do intensive workouts targeting stomach fat. This fat not only decreases HGH in the body but also leads to ailments like cardio vascular ailments, obesity, diabetes and many more.

Although these natural alternatives are essential for good health and increased production of HGH, taking dietary supplements can also enhance the levels.

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