How Will Sleeping Help You With HGH?

Although you can always take HGH supplements to speed up your HGH production but there are also a few natural ways that can help you in this process. Adequate sleep is counted as one of the best methods to increase your HGH levels naturally. Given below are a few facts that you must know when you are considering slumber to help you in your quest to achieve better HGH levels:

  • Inadequate Sleep Is Inadequate Growth

When your body gets inadequate rest, its HGH secretion levels drop down. This also makes it difficult for your body to absorb as much nutrients as it usually does. Sleeping and adequate rest is also necessary for healing of cells and tissues that are damaged during the rigorous work routines of the day. Combined, all of them will have a major impact on your growth.

  • Hormone Release

A large amount HGH is released in the intitial few hours of your sleep, especially the first hour. It is released after every 3 to 5 hours. However, just an hour long nap will not help you much. You have to rest for at least 8 hours for the body to produce adequate HGH. The amount of HGH released in these resting periods is determined by your diet and activity levels.

  • Remember The Limitations

Remember that HGH secretion that takes place during your sleep is often used only for taking you through your body’s energy requirements for the next day. It is not used for metabolism, tissue growth, and other purposes that are otherwise served by adequate HGH levels.

Also, if you think that you will sleep for long hours at a stretch over the weekend to compensate for all the lost sleep in the weekdays and still have good HGH levels, you are wrong!

  • Don’t Oversleep

You need to find the sweet spot in between oversleeping and inadequate sleep in order to optimize your HGH secretion. Sorry to disappoint you but if you think that sleeping for more than 12 hours every day will increase your HGH levels, you are completely wrong.

It’s really not that simple! In fact, this will have a negative effect on your body. You ask why? Well, the reason is that you spent so many hours of the day staying inactive, so you missed out on the amount of HGH that your body could have produced because of some good physical activity. Reduced activity will interpret to lower HGH levels.

  • Supplement Your Sleep Properly

Avoid eating at least 2 hours before bed time as it negatively affects your HGH secretion.

If you are taking proper sleeping and indulging in sufficient physical activity and still feel that it’s not working for you, you can always take HGH supplements to increase the production of HGH in your body. Be sure to take HGH supplement right before your bed time for optimum benefits.

Ignoring the needs of an adequate sleeping and rest will not only hamper your HGH secretion levels but also other physical aspects of your body.


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