How Can Exercising Increase HGH Levels?

With HGH supplements giving you a lot of push to increase your HGH levels, there are also a few things that you can do by yourself to regain your robust health by speeding up the process of increasing HGH levels in your body.


One of the most effective ways for enhanced HGH secretion by the pituitary glands is exercising properly. This is a natural process known as Exercise Induced Growth Hormone Response (EIGR). Although all kinds of physical activities or exercises will contribute to your HGH production but there are a few specific exercises that will be more helpful for you than others for better secretion of HGH. Read below to find out about these 3 exercises that will increase your EIGR immensely:

  • Resistance Training

Resistance training is an exercise routine that you need to do fast with very few breaks. Follow your usual exercise routine without stopping and by increasing the frequency at which you repeat it. Try squatting faster or lifting weights faster. Practice these resistance training routines with exercises that involve the largest muscles of your body. You can get more results by expending the same amount of energy. It is advised that you exercise the muscles of your limbs, chest and abdomens when performing EIGR. This will ensure high levels of HGH

  • Endurance Training

Include sufficient quantity of proteins and carbohydrates in your diet to complement HGH secretion from exercising.

If you are looking to do endurance training for increasing HGH levels, then experts suggest that to continue for 10 minutres after your cross your lactate barrier. This increases the HGH secretion in your body not only when you are working out but also for the next few hours. But, remember that HGH is released in surges and not at one single go. Thus, continuing your endurance training for an longer time will have negative effects and result in declining HGH. Therefore, spread it over the day and do not streth one period of endurance training beyond 20 minutes.

  • Supplement The Workouts

Combine your workout with HGH supplements in the form of pills, nasal sprays or injections. This will ensure that your HGH secretion levels reach the optimum level. Take these supplements just after your exercise and before bedtime. This way you will ensure that more amount of HGH is released when you sleep.

Remember that working out 24×7, ignoring other activities and not getting adequate sleep will only plummet your HGH levels. Striking a balance between healthy diet, adequate sleep, and right exercising will give your your desired outcome of appropriate HGH levels. Of course, you can aid your efforts by taking HGH supplements for better results.


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