Understanding What Human Growth Hormone Is

Understanding What Human Growth Hormone Is

The human growth hormone is more commonly known by many people as the HGH hormone, or as somatrophin if you are speaking in medical terms. In order for a person to understand exactly what the HGH hormone is, they must first have a thorough understanding of where it comes from. It is produced within the human body and it contains more than 191 amino acids that can be found in the form of proteins. This is a substance that is most commonly found to be produced in teenagers and young children, and it is secreted by the body’s pituitary gland. Regardless of what the particular age of a person may be HGH is a substance that is produced within the body in just the right amounts that are needed from the time that a person is an infant all the way up to their adult years, and in levels that are adequate for proper development.

There is a wide variety of different roles that the human growth hormone is responsible for fulfilling, and while many people are unaware, it is a hormone that is even being produced while they sleep. To name a few of the most important and common roles that HGH fulfills includes the following:

  • Converting fat within the body to muscle mass –This is generally a time that occurs when a person is in their teen years. The key reason that a vast majority of teens do not gain weight like they would if they were older is due to the human growth hormone within the body. It is continuously converting the body’s fat into much needed muscle tissue. This is a huge advantage that helps to keep a person from suffering from diabetes.
  • Increasing the overall strength of bone – Not only does HGH have the ability to strengthen each of the bones in the body, but it also has the ability to strengthen the hair and the finger nails as well. Most people are well aware that the bone structure of a younger person can withstand a tremendous amount of more pressure as compared to what the structure of bones can handle when a person grows older. This is all because of the human growth hormone.
  • Makes certain that the brain is functioning appropriately – In order for the brain to function as efficiently as it should, it relies onregularly receiving a sufficient amount of HGH.
  • Increases the overall level of energy that a person experiences – If you have ever noticed that the boys and girls of the younger generation have a whole lot more energy than a person that is of older age groups, this is due to the amount of human growth hormone that is in the body. This is exactly why people of younger age groups do not experience tiredness to the degree that a person of older age groups might experience it. The reason that teenage girls and boys of younger years are able to engage in a large amount of physical activities before they begin to feel tired is because the HGH hormone continues to increase the amount of energy they have, and it is replenished when it is needed.

If a deficiency in the human growth hormone is ever thought to be a problem, it is more important than ever to speak with your family health care professional. Without having adequate levels of this hormone in the body, there is an interruption in the normal growth of a person. When a physician determines that a patient has low levels of HGH in their system they will frequently recommend that they take hormonal supplements. There are some negative factors however that a person may experience with this particular type of treatment and this is why it is essential to follow all of your physician’s directions if he recommends HGH hormonal replacement therapy.

One of the biggest benefits that a lot of people quickly notice when treatment is started is the action of normal growth resumes. When treatment is continued on an on-going basis growth also continues at a rate that is much more normal.

People with a deficiency of this hormone are not the only ones that choose to undergo this treatment. The body’s production of HGH normally hits its peak level when we are still young, and then its production begins to decrease. This eventually causes the performance and appearance levels that a person has to also begin to decline as they age. When HGH treatment is started, they will again be able to reap a number of different benefits. Below is a list of some of the most common reasons why a person may choose the option of starting human growth hormone treatment.

  • A much healthier conditioning of the body can be regained
  • Bone density increases
  • The health of the cardiovascular system is improved
  • Hair growth and muscle mass increases
  • A noticeable improvement in the strength of the immune system
  • Higher levels of energy are obtained

Some Other Factors You Will Want to Consider Before Starting HGH Treatment

While it is true there are many benefits to taking these supplements, it can also be difficult for many people to afford. The procedures that are required to produce HGH can be very costly, and as a result a person can generally expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per year on the treatment. There are also some other negative factors that are involved with this treatment when the body has too much human growth hormone and these are as follows:

  • Type II diabetes is a medical condition that has been noticed in several people that have large amounts of HGH in the body’s system.
  • Pituitary gigantism can occur, which often causes the person to become overweight, extremely tall, and in some cases both.
  • Damage to the pituitary gland can occur. This is a problem that generally only happens on rare occasions. This can cause a pituitary tumor to form which can then lead to a very serious and life-threatening situation. This is an issue that has also resulted in the release of HGH precursors, which are alternative forms of treatment.
  • The retention of fluid – This is a frustrating problem that can arise when a person takes excessive amounts of the human growth hormone. Not only can it lead to swelling of the joints, but it can also cause a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort that is felt in the joints and in the abdomen.
  • Problems with high blood pressure have been known to arise in some people. This is an issue that will need to be closely monitored by a physician if it arises, as it can lead to even further complications. The best way to avoid issues like this is to follow your doctor’s directions very closely when undergoing treatment.
  • Hypoglycemia is another medical concern some people have suffered from the use of HGH treatment. The body’s system begins to make an excessive amount of insulin when extreme amounts of HGH are taken. As a result, it can cause a person to suffer from problems with diabetes due to the abnormal amounts of blood sugar in the body.
  • Acromegaly is a medical condition that sometimes occurs when a person has done too much experimenting with the hormone. This is a disease that affects the facial muscles and bones by causing them to become weaker, resulting in an enlargement of the face and jaw, causing them to be very prominent.

Different Forms of HGH Treatment Options

Thanks to many improvements being made in the scientific and medical fields there is more than one option available to patients that require HGH treatment, and they are as follows:

  • Oral supplements – This is the most common form of supplements and they are to be taken orally. There are many people that consider this form much easier and more convenient than the other options. However, there are some concerns as to how much of the hormone is destroyed by the stomach’s digestive acids before the system even has a chance to absorb it. For this reason, a vast majority of family health care professionals will recommend their patients use a different form of HGH treatment.
  • Injections – This is a method of placing the human growth hormone into the body that works very efficiently. Most people that choose this option notice a significant improvement in a very short amount of time.
  • Releasers – Although it is absorbed inside the body much differently than oral HGH, this is also a form of the hormone that is to be taken orally. They are also considered as the most effective and beneficial form of treatment. The way the releasers work is they help the pituitary gland in the natural action of releasing the hormone.
  • Oral spray – This form works very well for many patients, as it is easy to use and it is quickly absorbed right into the bloodstream. Unlike the pill form, while using the spray patients do not have to worry about digestive acids decreasing the desired effect. It also has fewer side effects than the pill form or the injections.

Should You Consider Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

There are several symptoms a person can experience when the production of HGH has slowed down. If this is a problem you are facing you may want to consider a supplement therapy. Many of the problems can be very similar to those that occur normally during menopause and andropause, due to a fluctuation of hormones.

Luckily, it is not all that difficult to recognize the signs that you may benefit from HGH therapy. While the physical symptoms can be frustrating enough, having too little HGH in the body can also cause mental issues as well. When this is something you experience, you are likely to notice it is not nearly as easy as it once was to stay or feel emotionally stable. You may also notice other emotional issues arising such as being moody, angry, depressed, anxious, and completely unmotivated. It is not uncommon for people with a deficiency of this hormone to experience sleeping problems, feel overly fatigued, or even experience a breakdown that is completely unexplainable. Normal healing times are usually increased, mobility lessens, sex drive decreases, and the normal aging signs begin to appear.

As you can imagine, anyone that is suffering a deficiency of the human growth hormone, it can have a drastic effect on many different areas of their life, therefore lowering their overall quality of life. This is why it is so essential to speak with a medical professional as soon as you notice any of these symptoms occurring. The sooner the appropriate treatment can be started, the sooner you can get back up on your feet again and enjoy life as you should.

The Internet Can Provide a Wealth of Information

There are many people that become surprised when they learn just how helpful and informative the internet can be for locating all types of detailed and valuable information. You will find there are lots of websites online that can provide you with a ton of information on many of the different aspects of the human growth hormone. There are also sites that list specific information on the common problems that deficiencies of this hormone can cause, as well as information on the various issues that can arise when too much of the hormone is taken. You will also find that there are several sites online that offer information on all the different options that have been made available for treatment of this essential hormone.

Just as it is very important to converse with your family health care professional when taking part in any other type of treatment that is needed, it is vital to work closely with your doctor and voice your concerns about any negative changes you may experience. If problems do arise, your physician may need to make some minor changes and adjust the amount of the hormone that you receive. Regardless of the specific form of treatment you choose, the idea is that you find the benefits to be well worth any negative aspects you experience.

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