Does HGH Really Work?

Does HGH Really Work?

HGH (the abbreviation for Human Growth Hormone), is a secretion of the pituitary gland (of the brain). The alteration in the secretion of this hormone is the reason behind the changes you see in the human body as the person grows older and older.

However, in today’s advanced world, it has been found that HGH canbe externally introduced in the body through various methods (Like HGH Injections, Oral Sprays and HGH Releasers).There are many people around the world who use HGH to “grow younger”, but the most important question here is: Does HGH really work?

To attempt to answer this question, we have to navigate through a confusing maze of loads of other questions and possibilities that arise with it. To begin, we must understand what HGH is exactly. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain.

The higher the amount of secretion of this hormone, the younger you look. It is highest in children, and reaches peak during teenage(thats when you experience that sudden shoot in your height and build during your teens).
HGH Real Work

However, as you grow older, the pituitary’s ability of secretion of this hormone starts decreasing. This causes the wrinkles and the various changes in your body as you age. In adults, HGH plays an important role in regulation of blood sugar, metabolism, emotional stability, physical strength and emotional endurance.

HGH is often thought of as a remedy to fight the common problem, that most of us battle: Aging.
Theoritically, HGH should be able to chop off nearly 10-15 years of age from your body and make you look young again with the same muscular physique and the strength. It would be so nice if it really did work in real life, the way it does theorotically.

Unfortunately, there is not really much scientific evidence that HGH induced into your body prolongs life, fights aging or improves health as a whole. However, it is quite popular for its property to increase muscle mass. Many of the “body builders” that impress you with their toned bodies and bulging biceps and perfect 6 pack abdomenal muscles, many of them use HGH. Now you’ll confuse HGH with steroids and drugs. DON’T DO SO! HGH can be induced into your body through many methods:

HGH Injections- The synthetic HGH prepared in labs in injected into your blood stream. This is not a highly recommended method since it is extremely expensive (it would run you bills of over $2,000 a month) and you also face the risk of suffering from side effects too!

However, there is an alternative to this called HGH releasers that are in tablet form. They’re made from natural herbal ingredients. Not only are they suitable for people on a budget, but also do not have any know harmful side effects.

There are also oral HGH sprays available. Kindly refrain from using ANY of those.This is because the hormone cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body when it is introduced through the mouth. Over the counter therapeutic HGH products that claim to contain the actual hormone are not only illegal (HGH can only be legally obtained with a prescription), they are making false health claims too.

The only HGH products actually known to work with results are the HGH releasers. They can be obtained without a prescription. This is because they are perfectly safe(with respect to certain products only, not the fraudelent companies).Neither do they have any known side effects that are harmful in the long run, nor do they make false unrealistic promises of making you look 40 years younger.

They do work, they can cause a tremendous change in your physical power and massive increase in muscle mass, and to an extent, even make you look younger. This has been scientifically proved and hence you are suggested to only use HGH releasers as a source of inducing HGH into your body in case you are planning to use it in the near future.

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