What Actually Is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Put very simply, HGH is responsible for the growth of human beings. It is a naturally occurring chemical, produced in the pituitary gland within the brain. As its name suggests – the hormone is responsible for many aspects related to growth, however if we were to isolate just one of these – the most prominent feature would increasing height.

Height, or vertical growth, is achieved when the HGH comes in to contact with cells, tissue, and organs – which in effect transforms these into a bigger version of themselves.

Do remember though that this is only the majority of the work that HGH does. Many other functions with which HGH has an affect are:

– Increasing Muscle

– Reducing Fat

– Strengthening Bones

– Assisting with Calcium Retention

– Blood Sugar Control

– Boosting The Immune System

As well as a few tertiary things which are irrelevant to this article. As you can already see though, HGH takes on some very important roles in the human body.

So, does this mean that we should artificially consumer more HGH? In other words, should we take a growth hormone supplement in order to better ourselves in these areas?
All About HGH Levels In The Body

HGHDuring our youth, and in to puberty and adulthood – the human body continues to grow. It is not until around the age of 21 that we stop growing. When this happens, the levels ofHGH which are produced in the human body begin to decrease – and as the years go on, the rate at which the production rate falls actually increases.

This explains the reason why we don’t suddenly look as if we are 80 the moment we reach the age of 22. The rate at which HGH is produced slowly depreciates and erodes over time, which is why our skin gets saggy, and our body begins to encounter health issues.

So, if this is indeed the case, what would happen if we were to take a supplement of HGH on a regular basis – after the age of 21 – in order to boost HGH levels? Could we expect to be able to combat the signs of aging? Could we build more muscle and increase out metabolism?

The answer is – yes.
Where can we get HGH from?

Ok, so you are probably quite excited about finding this “key” to our youth. The medical community certainly was when the studies and clinical trials surrounding its use were released. But one question is still probably on your mind:

“Where do we get HGH supplements from?”

Well, there are actually 3 ways you get get more HGH in to your body. They are listed below:

1. Oral Spray:

Of all the distribution methods available for HGH – the oral spray is probably not the best choice. Unlike products based in alcohol – HGH cannot be absorbed through the tongue or the lining of the mouth. Therefore, whilst spraying HGH on the tongue may seem effective, it is actually scientifically proven to be completely useless.

Any supplement promising that this will work should be investigated thoroughly before you make the decision to purchase.

2. Injection:

There is no better way to get a substance in to the blood stream than by injecting it straight in there. This certainly leaves no room for interpreting the amount to be absorbed, or the amount to be present in blood plasma at any particular time. What is in the syringe is going in to the body – and that’s the end of the story.

There is a catch however. Whilst HGH supplements are indeed available through an injection – the cost of this distribution method is astronomical. Market pricing shows that you could expect to pay anywhere up to $3,000 per MONTH.

Another catch – these injections are available only via prescription. That means that you will have to visit the doctor and explain the reasons you want to take the substance. Unfortunately, this is prescribed only whenHGH deficiencies are discovered in people still growing – hence your reasoning of “I want to look younger” – is not going to be enough to get the required script.

And as if that’s not enough – HGH injections are made from a 100% synthetic concoction of drugs which mimic the action of HGH. Therefore – there are a number of side effects involved with its use.

3. Oral Form HGH:

The two distribution methods detailed above are highly impractical, and simply don’t provide you with any value for money. Thankfully, there is a method available which will provide excellent exposure to naturalHGH, whilst costing you only a fraction of an HGH injection. These are referred to as HGH supplements – and are taken in the form of pills.

Just as you would take a painkiller or vitamin, these pills are easy to swallow, and deliver a time released dosage of HGH straight to the digestive tract. Hence, absorption can occur throughout the day – and hence high HGH levels can once again be attained.

Best of all – there are no side effects here, as the ingredients inside the pills are natural. This is, of course, assuming that you choose the right supplement in the first instance.

Perhaps therefore, it would be wise now to introduce our top picks for HGH supplements available currently on the market.
Best HGH Supplements Currently Available On The Market

As we mentioned in the introduction – there are 2 products that will be introduced here. The first is a supplement named “GenF20 Plus”, and the second is called “GHR1000”.

Let’s start of with Genf20 Plus however, as this is our top pick OVERALL.

– GenF20 Plus:

The reason we made two recommendations was to reassure you that we are not being bias in any way. Many product we tested disappointed us, but GenF20 Plus was a very interesting product.

This supplement has – wait for it – an absolutely 100% concrete solid safety profile, as well as a very good active ingredient versus cost ratio.

The difference in these product is simply in the results. Whilst GenF20 Plus is extremely safe, there are fewer reviews written by users of the product, compared to the reviews available for GHR1000. This certainly doesn’t imply that GenF20 is less effective than GHR1000 – simply that it is a newer product, and hence needs a bit of time to gain public popularity.
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– GHR1000:

It may be useful to understand why this product was chosen as the best overall HGH supplement. After lining almost all of the popular HGH supplements up, and then testing the contents per pill – we found that GHR1000 by far had the highest quantity of the active ingredient than any other supplement. This has huge implications for the amount of HGH you would find in the blood stream following the consumption of GHR1000 tablets.

As you will remember from the analysis of what HGH actually is – the higher the levels of this natural substance, the better.

When analyzed for quantity versus cost – the GHR1000 product was by far the winner. No other product even came close, except for GenF20 – which we will now move on to.
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That brings us to the conclusion of this analysis. As you should now be able to see – HGH is an AMAZING product, which you should not be afraid of, and which is not illegal. It is in fact quite possibly a medical marvel, which has gone relatively unnoticed by the majority of science and nutrition lecturers and professionals.

If you are interested in the results which HGH supplements might enable you to achieve, the best advice is simply to give it a try. With money back guarantees these days – there is almost no risk involved in any transaction.

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