How Does HGH Levels Affect Your Body?

How Does HGH Levels Affect Your Body?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is a protein hormone which is produced by the endocrine system in the human body. It is made from 190 individual amino acid molecules, and is secreted by the pituitary gland.

Since research started in to HGH at the turn of the decade, two major links have been found between the body and HGH levels. These are:

  • Effects in aging, such as cell degeneration
  • Effects on the body as a whole in numerous departments (i.e. sexual function, weight control, etc)

HGH Levels Affects Your Body

The reason why these effects occur has now been proven. As we age, the pituitary gland begins to technically malfunction – slowing down its production of HGH as it figures that we have already reached our “maximum growth potential”.

Interestingly, this is the time when all of the effects begin to show – and it is around 30 to 35 that this occurs.

HGH works both directly and indirectly in the body. Directly, it binds to receptors around the body to stimulate growth, renewal, and cell health. This is why skin usually looks young and supple until the age of 30 to 40.

Indirectly, HGH stimulates the production of another chemical in the body – known as IGF-1. Essentially, IGF-1 is an insulin imitator, and is secreted by the liver when needed by the body. IGF-1 has been given very little publicity, but the ultimate story is that it works alongside pure insulin to control blood sugar levels.

Lower HGH production causes lower IGF-1 output, and therefore this is why the chances of developing diabetes increase with age.

Effects of HGH on the Body

There are a number of major effects that HGH has on the human body – which can be divided in to a number of categories.

  • Protein Metabolism

Higher levels of HGH are a direct cause of protein synthesis improvement, and an increase in the rate of amino acid uptake.

  • Fat Metabolism

Weight gain and weight loss are significantly linked to HGH levels. People often find that it is easier to put weight on when they age, and equally more difficult to burn it off. This is the result of lower HGH levels and therefore bigger discrepancies between other blood chemicals regulating energy conversion and use.

  • Carbohydrate Metabolism

Similar to that of the role of fat metabolism, however in this case HGH is responsible (along with several other chemicals) for the control of blood sugar in the body.

These are the three major groupings of effects of HGH. You can clearly see that this single hormone has a huge and wide spread effect on the body. As HGH production slows, we start to encounter issues in the above mentioned areas. This is a logical effect – and furthermore the negative effects are proven in a clinical setting.

Scientists have also now proven that there are a whole bunch of secondary effects which can impact your body, as a result of the slowdown of the group processes above.

This leads us to believe that regardless of whether HGH interacts directly with a particular function of the body – it might still be able to cause a tangible impact on a particular function as a secondary effect.

Use of HGH as a Stimulant

By now, you have probably caught on to the fact that lower HGH levels in the body can contribute to negative effects overall on many bodily function. However, what if you were able to increase the levels of HGH in the body to levels that once protected you from aging?

Previously, this was possible – but only for the super wealthy. A single shot of HGH via injection can cost a whopping $500 or more, making it clearly unaffordable for the average Joe Blogs.

Thankfully, however, recent developments in the manufacture of HGH and HGH related materials have allowed everyday consumers to access this market, and therefore buy HGH supplements to use.

These supplements are actually stimulants. Instead of directly adding HGH to the body (which cannot be done by oral consumption anyway), a pituitary gland stimulant is used to boost natural production of HGH. One such product which is exceptional at this is GenF20 Plus, which is also the top selling product in the HGH market.

Studies have shown that after just 3 days of using GenF20 Plus (HGH stimulants), the negative effects of low HGH levels listed above begin to disappear. After 7 days (1 week), the positive benefits of higher HGH levels are felt. If you want to see proof of the results and the clinical trials that were run to investigate the health claims of GenF20 , you may visit and find out the truth yourself.

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