The Complete Truth about Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The Complete Truth about Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone is a substance which seems to have caught a lot of attention lately. This is actually a hormone which is produced naturally in the body and is known for its anti-aging and regenerative effects on the body.
Benefits of Higher HGH Levels

The potential benefits of higher HGH levels in the body are:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building and toning
  • Memory improvement and cognitive function improvement
  • Enhancement in libido (So, better sex life)

Well, this is what all the hype about HGH suggests. Let us now find out what HGH really is and if this hype has any substantial truth beneath it?

What actually is HGH?

As we said, Human Growth Hormone is actually produced naturally within the body, and is therefore a completely natural substance. Unlike vitamins, HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland – but only up until a certain age. After a particular age, the production naturally slows down, and eventually stops. This has been one of the factors which are implicated in the reasons why we experience aging and can visibly see aging (wrinkles, low libido, etc).

Hence, taking HGH in the supplement form is not at all dangerous, because the body already has a ready supply – which you are simply boosting. In this way, HGH is much like a vitamin. Therefore, it makes sense that if you are able to supplement your body with additional HGH, you can help to prevent aging.

This is certainly true to an extent. Obviously, HGH won’t allow you to live forever, however it will certainly improve your physical appearance greatly. Also, it will allow you to feel younger and maintain your inner youth.

What would you give to get your libido back? As we age, men often lose it because of standard bodily processes slowing down. A decrease in HGH production is one of these processes.

Thankfully though – as we have just illustrated, HGH is able to be supplemented, and therefore used at any age. HGH benefits all parts of the body, and is therefore an excellent substance to take in supplement form! Higher HGH levels in the body help you to feel and look younger than your actual age.

Utilizing the Benefits of HGH

Whilst the most common delivery method of HGH is through supplement form, there are also other ways that you can get it in to your body. In total, there are three ways to increase HGH levels in the body.

  • Injection of HGH directly in to the bloodstream
  • Oral consumption of HGH in supplement form
  • Stimulating the natural production of HGH so that the body produces its own HGH

The first method – injecting HGH – is not the best. The issue here is that the injections only last a few short days – and after this the higher levels of HGH will fade away and return to the levels before the injection.

The second method, oral consumption – is better than the injection form, however still it will only continue to be of benefit whilst you are taking the supplements. As soon as you stop – the effects will fade away.

The third method – stimulating the natural production of HGH, is by far the best. This is where you take an oral substance which works in sync with the body’s own mechanisms, and therefore increases the amount of free flowing HGH in the blood stream.

This third option is the most reliable one, as it comprises in supplements that are a blend of herbs, proteins, nutrients and amino acids. These supplements nourish the pituitary gland to assist it in the natural boost in the secretion of the HGH in the body.

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